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The power of PMU for hair loss

Hair loss, such as that caused by conditions like alopecia, can have a significant impact on a persons self esteem and confidence. However, there is a solution that can help restore not only the physical appearance, but also the emotional wellbeing of individuals experiencing brow and lash loss.

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, offers promising options for those looking to restore hair they have now lost impacting on overall confidence, daily routines and facial framing.

Understanding permanent makeup (PMU)

PMU involves the application of pigments into the top layers of the skin. It is not as deep as traditional body tattooing and therefore, when done correctly with the right pressure and stretch, eliminates the risk of scarring. As we work in the top layers of skin, the pigment will fade overtime. To combat this and maintain results we invite clients back roughly between 12-18 months for colour boosts, or when needed.

Our clients always have the option of which pigments they would like in their skin as not all pigment perform the same. Some are stronger (organic) and are designed to stay in the skin, however this makes it difficult to change the style or technique down the line and is a bigger long term commitment. Alternatively you can choose to have 'weaker' (inorganic) pigment designed to fade down heavily within 12 months, this way if you ever decide to move away from PMU you can stop having your colour boost appointments and let the pigment fade. this also means that you have more options to adjust and change your technique and style at each appointment, but they will be more frequent.

The impacts of brow & lash loss

Hair loss can feel like a complete identity shift, whether you are a self professed girly-girl who is into your hair and makeup, a gentleman who likes to feel well groomed or someone who didn't think they were bothered by all of that, the impacts on your self esteem can feel overwhelming. Our brows and lashes provide facial structure and framing to the face to tie in all of our features. This is something under appreciated and recognised a lot of the time for those with no hair loss. It can be a very isolating and difficult time for most. At the White House clinic we respect this completely and strive to offer a safe, welcoming and caring environment at our clinic.

Restoring brow & lash loss

Hair loss and restoration is the White House clinics' specialty, with Zaras background working in Londons top hair transplant clinics, she came over to PMU to offer an alternative solution to those looking to restore hair loss. We build brows by following your bone structure and natural anatomy, we assess hair flow and pattern if it is there for a guide, or, we build up a brow from scratch. The idea is, people shouldn't know you have permeant makeup (unless you specify you want a heavy look). It's a natural enhancement with the aim to restore and reconstruct. Natural and fine hair like strokes are deposited to the skin to mimic natural hair growth. The work is expertly precise and is completely tailor made to each individual, NO copy and paste! Lash enhancements can greatly help bring definition and structure to the eyes which is sometimes lost without the root of the lashes coating the lid. its no heavy black, no winged eyeliner, simply a lash enhancement to bring back the definition and framing of the eyes.

How do we take care throughout the process?

When starting from a blank canvas, we understand and appreciate the jump you're taking visually, even if it's a step you're excited to take! We work directly on the face and understand the reservations that come with this, it leaves nowhere to hide, especially with full loss. Luckily, we've spent the last 10 years building up to become an industry leading and award winning clinic. Not only this, Zara has designed her own brow technique - V Brow, specifically for hair loss. V Brow combines a decade of hair flow and pattern knowledge to provide the most natural and hyperrealistic brow.

We see our clients in two sessions, your initial session & a top-up session. This allows us to take baby steps, if you're more nervous we can start slow and add more later. We understand that we can always add but we can't take away. We have full belief in the skill set and abilities of our clinic and our work, but appreciate for clients with full loss, sensitivity is required. We will always work with you every step of the way to brow restoration.

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