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Do we follow trends?

 At The White House Clinic, we are not trend led! Things come in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. Think back to the 90’s Pamela Anderson thin brows or the 2016 heavy duty brow look! Anyone who got their brows tattooed in a thin line back in the 90’s is sure to regret this now…

All our services and techniques are fully customisable to suit your style and preferences. However, in terms of your shape and colour match, this will always be based on anatomy and guided by your natural features.


So, how do we find your shape?


We use your bone structure as our guide and follow the brow bone which tells us where your brows should sit. As we age our skin drops, thins, sags and wrinkles (yay). Our bones, facial structure and anatomy however, don’t change! For this reason, we strictly stay within the limits your brow bone indicates to our expert artist and never go outside of this framing.


The clinic specialises in hair loss. 10 years of working on clients with full brow loss emphasised the accuracy of placing brows in line with your bone structure. When tattooing a brow with no hair to use as a guide, getting the shape and placement right is crucial. Remember, shading and hair strokes can be placed in countless ways for each individual, but the result of a good brow is in the brow mapping and only placing your pigment within this map!


Most of us that grew up in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s overplucked and manipulated our natural brow shape. With most of our hair not growing back the same again. Luckily the eye of a PMU artists can assess where this hair once sat. So, whether your brows have been plucked into oblivion resulting in loss or uneven regrowth, or you have moderate to full hair loss for any other reason, we can see where our work needs to be placed to restore your brows - from any level of loss.



The key point here is PMU, we believe, is a natural enhancement based on brow restoration. Of course, its cosmetically appealing, but it’s much more than that to us at our clinic. We are always looking at the bigger picture and want to give you brows that don’t just suit you today, or for the next few years… but for your lifetime if you choose to keep up with them! Following your natural structure and strictly mapping within the boarder that this sets out is how we achieve this.


So, no matter your circumstances, age or level of hair loss, rest assured you will be given a perfectly tailored brow (in both shape and technique) to suit YOU today as well as future you.

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