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As an award-winning semi-permanent makeup artist, our Clinic Director Zara Rouse’s skills, expertise and experience of over 15 years in the hair loss and semi-permanent makeup industries combined - makes her an ideal educator able to offer students some of the best industry knowledge available. And this is exactly our aim. Our mission is to provide world-class PMU education in an innovative facility.

Academy overview

Why Train With Us?


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We have developed our unique course's to give you the most in-depth knowledge needed to practise. This includes all of Zara’s knowledge, as well as how to set up the right way, how to practise happily, and safely in your workplace.

These days training often gives you the knowledge but not the skills, what we teach our students is how to master these skills from what they learn with us and what they practise.

We will help you develop the skills that will enable you to achieve divine semi-permanent makeup to a standard fitting for the world stage.


Our students will gain a Certificate of Attendance on completion of attening the course. Additionally, once they have completed their studies, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Pre-Course Preparation

Post-course Tools & Support

  • Benefit from 6 months of ongoing support from Zara on WhatsApp following your training. 

  • Recieve our 'Bossing The Business Bit' workbook as past of your course materials.

  • The White House Clinic starter kit with all the toold & equipment you need to complete up to your first 10 clients (no machine provided)

Training In Action

The White House Clinic Training Academy was created out of a love for what we do and wanting to share and inspire others. It was developed to offer the best training available in the market with a hands on, friendly approach that will have our students finishing the course feeling on top of their game!

The White House Clinic Training Academy is a learning environment like no other that will help semi-permanent makeup artists realise their potential as professionals in the field of Micropigmentation.

1-on-1 VIP Training Available

One-on-one tailored learning classes & workshops are available for beginners and master classes,

please contact us for further information and costing.



Models must be 18 or over. Please date in the message which treatment(s) you are willing to model for and you will be added to out model list. All models will only be required to cover the cost of the tools and equipment. Please state in the message if you have had and previous work. By submitting you are consenting to photographs being taken and used for marketing purposes.


For all questions or more information about model enquiries please email us at or call us on 07708888640

Sign up to our Model List
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