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After the creation and development of our trademark brow, V Brow, we're streamlining our services into 4 brow techniques offered only by us at the White House Clinic. We are so excited to introduce V Shade, V Combination, V Blade and of course... V Brow!



V Shade is the new name under which we will offer the loved and trusted Airbrush Powder Brow. We've been working hard to make sure we are bringing you the techniques relied on in the SPMU circles but with our own development and spin. V Shade is the same but different...

...the same but better!


We hope that V Brow needs little introduction, but just incase you missed the news - this is our trademark brow designed, created, executed and taught by Zara Rouse! Intricate clusters of V's miraculously placed within the natural hair flow pattern of your brow provides the most innovative, natural and realistic brow YET! If you wanted to train in PMU and learn this technique head to the training tab at the top of the page to find out more!



Combining V Shade and V Brow techniques gives you the most natural and structured brow yet. Seamlessly blending digital hair strokes into the body of the airbrushed brow gives you 24/7 brow perfection. If you find airbrush too heavy for your features but don't have the right skin type or hair type for V Brow then look no further. V Combination is your perfect fit glass slipper!


Not sure which brow to book?



Hyper Realism

The development of V Brow was about achieving the most natural brow possible with realism as the driving force. The creative process was heavily inspired by children's brows - the most untouched and natural brows of them all! 

"As soon as I noticed clusters of V's in children brows I couldnt unsee it! from there the inspiration took off and the creative process began to flow"

- Zara Rouse


A this technique aims to offer the most natural finish it makes it perfect for those who have full or partial hair loss.

Zara's background in hair loss & restoration means she feels passionately about restoring both confidence and brows to individuals who have suffered hair loss. Natural hairlike strokes are placed to mimic the natural placement, movement and characteristics of brow hair. this is then placed into the skin within a map drawn off your natural bone structure.

Perfectly Untamed

The results you can expect from this brow are all about balance.


A balance between natural and precise.


A balance between structured and weightless. 

A balance between perfect and imperfect.


Simply, it's a natural brow... it's just better than natural brows!



Low maintainance

V Shade adds a soft hue of pigment within the dermal layer of skin beneath the brow hair. This hue of colour helps to blend the brow hairs with the pigment for a strong brow look. V Shade is your wake up and go brow. Looking to ditch the meticulous brow routine from your makeup regime? 

V Shade is calling your name!

This technique is adaptable and can be as soft or intense as you like! no need to fear blocky, heavy or tattooed brows! V Shade still works for those who wear little/no makeup.


Whether its corrective work on previous treatments elsewhere or correcting brow shape and structure due to hair loss, V Shade will do it all. V Shade is suitable for all skin & hair types so count yourself in! 

Fill in sparse patches, colour correct old pigment and bring your brows back to life with this well loved and trusted technique....

...with a White House Clinic touch

add's stucture

Restore facial symmetry and balance with structured brows. pmu is never supposed to be in your face and obvious! subtle and effective is the goal and V Shade is no exception. 

Eyebrows are a crucial element of framing the face and defining your features! If you're feeling washed out and in need of reviving, let your brows do the talking and the rest of your face will thank you for it.


Perfect blend

Think about the most appealing parts of V Brow and the best bits of V Shade, mix them together... and you get V Combination.

This is where structure meets realism!




The addition of hairstrokes to the classic V Shade adds a soft and fluffy effect to the brow.


If you enquire about V Brow and discover you are not a suitable candidate, fall back onto V Combination.

You wont regret it!


This technique is great for those who have sparse eyebrows, little to no hair, or those who simply want to add definition to their eyebrows and arch. It helps to revive sparse brows by bringing them back to life. They also help to revive the face and bring your features back to life if you have full hair loss. 




Microbladed brows have been the rave for YEARS, no wonder why, we've added The White House Clinic flare to microblading and we are bringing you V Blade.


Tailor-made, crisp and fine hair like strokes - no copy and paste!




Microblading, along with all of our brows, promotes our ethos as a semi-permanent makeup clinic

That is;

Natural enhancements

We work with what you are naturally blessed with to enhance, define and restore! 


V Blade is buildable providing a brow with body, strength and definition - with or without added shading! 

Ever wanted a brow where people think your natural brows are really nice? That's V Blade, your brows, but a little better!


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