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Mature Skin

Mature Skin

Want to look younger but not too keen on the more invasive procedures like botox? Finding botox and its three-monthly top ups expensive? Or is botox simply not enough? Have you considered semi-permanent makeup? Semi-permanent makeup, surprisingly is a forerunner in the beauty industry for creating a more youthful appearance and is donned by actresses such as Dame Helen Mirren, who swears by her microbladed brows for enhancing her more youthful appearance.

Shave Years Off With a Bit of Ink

Like a form of trickery in art, the clever use of lines and shading applied with semi-permanent makeup can give the perception of not only volume but also structure. Why is this important in terms of a more youthful appearance? Firstly, studies have shown that more contrast on a face gives the perception of youth and vitality. Secondly, one of the most blatant signs of ageing we see is the thinning of hair, including eyebrow hair.  Therefore, restoring thickness and volume to the brow can, and does absolutely assist in making you look younger. Thirdly, the shape of the arch can lift all the features and give a younger look overall. Lastly, no need to dye grey brow hair.

Similarly, our newest procedure of lip blushing works to touch up, restore, camouflage, and add colour to not only disguise and correct hyperpigmentation, patchiness, scars and uneven symmetry; but also works to restore lips to their original colour (which is visible on the inside of your lips). Lips tend to fade overall in colour as we age. Hence, this process instantly and easily brings your lips back to life. Not to forget the more obvious effect of the lining and shading involved, creating a more voluminous effect, which is naturally associated with youthfulness.

Mature Skin
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It seems to be a bit of a taboo when it comes to cosmetic tattooing the mature women (or man). There seems to be this social or other underlying fear attached to the art of semi-permanent makeup, which somehow convinces the slightly older generations that ‘beauty ink’ is in fact only privy to, and designed to the tastes, and trends of the younger crowds. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As many of, or even most of our clients are in fact of an older age, we wanted to uncover the myths and fears surrounding the application of semi-permanent makeup on mature skin, because quite honestly, we truly care.

Mature skin pmu

Our clinic was formed out of a love of helping people. Very often, people who were turned away from help by other hair loss, or similar clinics. The White House Clinic was founded by Owner and Director Zara Rouse after15 years’ experience in the hair loss industry, where she witnessed the positive effects that hair replacement, and restoration had on often - vulnerable and unaided individuals. It quite literally can be life transforming in terms of not only appearance but also obviously confidence, self-esteem, happiness, and overall mental well-being.

mature skin microblading

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where young or old, we are judged by our appearance, and this is sadly unlikely to change any time soon.  The demands for being more presentable, younger-looking, and beautiful - like most things in modern day society - are sky rocketing. It is a glum existence, but all is not lost.


On the positive, The White House Clinic was established to firstly help many of the patients turned away from traditional forms of hair restoration at plastic surgeons and similar aesthetic clinics (from having Alopecia, not enough hair to restore or other reasons). The need to reinstate confidence in individuals who are mature, have Alopecia, or are pre, or post chemotherapy has become our raison d'etre. Giving other not so vulnerable clients a new lease of confidence is a bonus and one we are hugely grateful for.

Mature skin type

A question we get asked all too often is “am I too old for microblading?”  To clarify, microblading is just one of the many brow semi-permanent makeup techniques we carry out for creating fuller, thicker, more polished and more youthful eyebrows.  The technique used is very much dependant on the clients existing hair, skin type and overall results required. However, the newest technique we use called Digital Hair Strokes creates less trauma to the skin and is therefore better suited for mature clients. It allows mature skin that essentially has less elasticity and strength to recover far better and faster than microblading.


Mature women, who are actually more our regular clientele, generally seem to be scared to attend the clinic.  They often eventually do but attend in trepidation, stating comments such as, “don’t give me crazy dark brows” or “don’t make me look like mutton”, or similarly, “I need something that’s going to match my age”. Semi-permanent makeup is what we at The White House Clinic eat, breath, and sleep – daily. Nothing that we create is ever a one fits all design. When we tattoo, we are not just looking at brow hair or lip pigmentation loss, it is far more than that. It is looking at the right shape, texture, and colour for you. Brows and lips should be customised and made individually for you. We study all your features, bone structure, colouring and complexion. And so, we seek to create balance, symmetry, and perfection, whilst also accounting for your likes, your preferences and even your personality. It is a beauty science. Furthermore, we customise our brows to suit the individual, not fashionable trends.


Ultimately, the key is to achieve the right brow design on the skin, which if done correctly can open-up the eyes, restore structure back to the face and knock years off a face. A highly skilled SPMU Artist will be not only be able to achieve this almost effortlessly, but also be skilled at enhancing or restoring your brows to create the most perfect and natural look. We believe that in the field of semi-permanent makeup, just like in plastic surgery, any kind of intervention must be as natural as possible.


The most prominent feature on the face, even when we age - is the eyes. It is the feature we all look at first. The job of the brows is to not only frame the face but more specifically to frame the eyes. Great brows can frame and lift the face, whilst framing and opening the eyes. Tattooing the right design and colour on the skin draws attention to the eyes and makes them pop. If semi-permanent makeup brow work is done well, others should at first notice the eyes and not their brows. If the brows pop first that is because they are incorrectly placed, too fierce or too dark. Therefore, the key is to get the frame right, so that the eyes stand out even more. People should look at you, know something has changed for the better but should not be able to quite put their finger on it. That’s the secret to good-tattooed brows on mature skin. 


Other benefits other than the fresh, youthful, and groomed appearance that semi-permanent makeup can bring instantly is the removal of the need for daily makeup application and the frustration attached, especially with deteriorating eyesight, shaking hands or other inconvenient and sometimes dreadful symptoms of ageing.


So mature ladies, don’t be scared. If you have concerns, please be rest assured we will guide you and talk you through the process from start to finish.  By the time we start you will be more than certain and confident in the procedure ahead. And by the time we finish, you will never look back.

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