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The Process


Microblading is a beautiful treatment when done correctly, it's the most natural semi-permanent makeup brow procedure you can create. It can completely transform your look in a very subtle way.

It is different from a traditional semi-permanent makeup tattoo in that it is tiny little hair strokes that are implanted shallow into the skin in the upper region of the dermis. This is carried out with the use of a hand held tool that has attached needles fussed together in a liner grouping. This tool leaves a realistic and natural effect, it does not involve using the machine.

With the Microblading procedure you can create an ultra soft and natural look throughout the existing brow or you can build up the hair strokes to create a fuller and denser effect. Microblading is still a form of cosmetic tattooing, the microblading needles groupings tend to contain needles that are extremely fine in diameter in comparison to the needles used in traditional tattooing.

Microblading strokes


Microblading alone is not suitable for everyone, for example for people with more oily skin than normal, we recommend to add in shading to the brow as the oil will push the pigment out and promote faster fading. It is not suitable for people who have had previous block brow work done or still have heavy pigment in the skin from previous work. If you have gaps or patch loss within your existing eyebrow then you should expect to see a difference between the tattooed hair strokes and your existing hairs, so we would recommend adding shading into these areas to allow it to flow and blend better.

Microblading is perfect for normal to combination skin types and people who have good density of hair coverage already throughout the eyebrow. What microblading will then do is give extra definition and density leaving a very natural look.

what to expect

All eyebrows will appear darker on initial completion, however once healed will soften and lighten to its desired colour. The fading during the healing phase will be about 15 - 40 % depending on the skin type.

V Blade'n'Shade Brow
Photo 19.5

The Procedure

Pre & Aftercare 


The procedure takes around 2 hours depending on the condition of your eyebrows. As it is a semi-permanent procedure the pigment will remain in your skin for around 2 - 4 years, depending on your skin type. However, we do recommend an annual colour boost.

We will always explain and identify everything carefully when doing the pre-drawings and will advise what will be the most suitable for you.

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