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Giving Back

Our Clinic Owner and Director, Zara Rouse discovered her passion whilst working in the hair loss industry. It was here that she developed a deep love for helping clients with Alopecia, Trictotillomania or those going through the effects of hair loss from post chemotherapy. 


Zara truly cares and believes that in life we should always give, and be kind.

We offer free brow days a few times a year for those who suffer with hair loss and Alopecia. It is our way of giving back and offering a helping hand as best we can.

No one fights alone! Or, at least they shouldn’t have to. The White House Clinic was originally established following Zara’s years of working in the hair-loss industry. Eye brow restoration was a gap in the market, restoring one’s natural being, with the intention of also restoring confidence. Having a community that supports our clinic and the work that we do makes us eternally honoured and grateful.

Past FRee Brow Days

Females amaze us, they are so brave. These ladies (and gents), we feel deserve to feel and look beautiful, and we have nothing but total respect for their strength along their journeys. We want to give these sufferers and survivor’s the gift, and transformation of confidence. It is the least we can do and nothing brings us more joy.

Sprinkle Kindness Wherever You Go


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