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What We Believe

“I believe all women are pretty without makeup but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”

- Bobbi Brown

We all feel under pressure to look our best and the expectation of perfection in beauty seems to have increased ten-fold in recent years. In today’s ever growing digital landscape, we are bombarded more than ever with airbrushed and filtered representations of beauty that is on a whole new level of flawlessness.

The White House Clinic offers you the opportunity to better yourself, according to your standards and our expertise. We not only restore but enhance your appearance and that has the added benefit of boosting your confidence immensely too.

We see semi-permanent makeup as a vehicle for accentuating your existing beauty by working with and highlighting your natural features. We believe all women (and men) are beautiful, it is our job to identify their best features and artistically, and methodically illuminate them.

With over 16 years of experience working in hair loss, we understand first-hand the detrimental impact of hair loss on everyday life. The White House Clinic was born from a passion to help these clients first and foremost, because we truly do care.

Semi-permanent makeup is more than art or beauty to us, it is also providing a clinical and personal service of care. We are acutely aware and sympathise deeply with the insecurities, worries and concerns of our clients.

We have developed our clinic as a place of privacy, personability and empathy; combined with high skill, expertise and of course luxury.  You can rest assured your visit with us is comfortable, confidential and you are in the safe, and talented hands of one of the best medically hair loss trained SPMU’s in the country.


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