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Build a brow

We Build a Brow

At The White House Clinic rather than simply following fashion and trends, we BUILD A BROW uniquely for your face.

When we tattoo, we are not just looking at brow hair, it is far more than that. It is looking at the right shape for you. Brows should be customised and made individually for you.


We study all your features, bone structure, colouring and complexion. We are all made uniquely. We seek to create balance, symmetry and perfection, whilst also accounting for your likes, your preferences and even your personality. It is a beauty science.


We believe that in the field of permanent makeup, just like in plastic surgery, any kind of intervention must be as natural as possible. It is this experience combined with our artistic talents that has enabled us to advise clients on the correct and most realistic procedures, as well as what has earned us our reputation as leaders in the industry.

This is where experience in our opinion plays such a crucial role. Zara and her team have developed a meticulous eye that can instantly identify what needs tweaking, correcting or reconstructing. It is more than simply tattoo ink applied to the face or pretty lines in trending shapes, it is having in-depth experience, as well as natural creative flair and a perceptive eye.

We see semi-permanent makeup as a vehicle for accentuating your existing beauty by working with and highlighting your natural features. We believe all women (and men) are beautiful, it is our job to identify their best features and artistically, and methodically illuminate them.

The White House Clinic is one stop ‘shop’ for all your brow semi-permanent makeup requirements, including every technique from microblading to airbrushing, through to microshading and fluffy, feathered effect, as well as digital hair stroke through to blended/ combination brows.

Our treatments are perfect for all ages, whether you are looking to restore or replace missing brows, or completely change the appearance of your existing brows.

With our extensive cosmetic knowledge and in-depth medical hair loss experience, we understand hair patterns at a clinical level and can help you restore or enhance your brows to a perfect natural look.  

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Brow Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques

The technique we will use for your brows depends on what you want. Everyone is unique and has different likes and dislikes, there is no right or wrong. However, we will of course also guide and advise you on what we feel best suits your face structure, your current hair pattern, the look you are trying to achieve, how you currently wear and like your makeup, and even your personal style.


V BROW (Digital Hair Strokes)


V SHADE (Airbrush)


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