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Access To PMU

Our newly created theory-based course gives you all the theoretical knowledge you need for a successful career as a PMU artist. Your practical skills can only take you so far if your understanding of theory isn’t up to scratch. What’s the benefit? Theoretical understanding at the highest degree which will be the cushion you lean on throughout your career.

Access to PMU has been paired with our two most sought-after courses for beginners - Access to V Combination & Access to V Blade'n'Shade

Put your best foot forward with top-level theory paired with your chosen technique.

What is ATPMU?

This interactive course has been comprised of the absolute fundamentals of knowledge you need to understand and apply daily as an artist. This is where you will learn all the fundamental theory and knowledge needed to qualify as a certified artist. This is the first step on your journey to your career as a semi-permanent makeup artist. 


We see time and time again artists with very capable hands and practical competence with client results that don’t reflect their abilities. You can practice on latex for months and months perfecting your shape, design, and technique but when it comes to applying this to human skin it’s a different ball game. We see the skin as a canvas and each canvas needs to be respected and looked at individually. There is no such thing as copying and pasting the design from latex onto the skin!


This all boils down to one thing… a lack of theoretical understanding. Theory truly is the building block to your entire career, and we want you to get this right from the very beginning. A newly qualified artist will always need to build their confidence, but with our new structure, you’ll be putting your best foot forward from day one on client one. We've set our academy up in this unique way to start you off confident and able to stand out from the competition. You won't just become a newly qualified artist, you'll start as a specialist in your technique. 


This unique and in-depth course created by industry expert and master Zara Rouse has never been seen before in the industry. The White House Clinic Academy has revolutionised the way students learn. We work on clients' faces day in and day out, it's not easy work or without pressure! Learning this way will allow you to develop a thorough understanding of the theory you will carry with you throughout your career.  


As a beginner, you can choose one of two courses to pair with. Either V Combination or V Blade'n'Shade. Upon completion of your beginner's course, you can expand your services, reinvest in your training and business and access all of our V Style Masterclasses.

Welcome to the new journey into the world of PMU artistry. 


V Combination brow

Our V Combination technique is a blend of digital hair strokes and digital shading to create a natural and soft brow using a digital machine. More importantly, this brow is versatile, making it a great place to start as a beginner. Depending on your client's skin type & hair type you can add more shading or more strokes to flatter their individual anatomy and create a tailor-made brow. Not only do we teach theory in an innovative way, but we also teach you to freestyle your practical skills. We aim to train your artistic eye to judge hair flow and pattern to create a tailor-made brow for each client.


£5,000 (inc VAT)

V Combination

The V Blade'n'Shade technique is a blend of microblading and digital shading to create a natural and soft brow using a digital machine & hand-held tool. We aim to train your artistic eye to judge hair flow and pattern to create a tailor-made brow for each client. More importantly, this brow is versatile, making it a great place to start as a beginner. Microblading is the most sought-after PMU technique out there, but not every client is suitable for microblading hair strokes alone. We have created a microshading course for beginners to give you the best foot forward and not have to turn away clients that are not suitable for a specific technique.

£5,000 (inc VAT)

V Blade'n'Shade

V Blade'n'Shade Brow



Beginners :


40 Hours home pre-study
1 Full day of theory delivered in power lessons
1 theory assessment carried out on the day

1 Full day of latex & practical work with a live demonstration

4 weeks of latex work at home

practical day on live model and certification

Student Consultation

Arrange a 30 minute consultation call with Zara to Enrol



Certificate of Attendance 



Certificate of Attendance 

Certificate of Completion

Training Level

Beginners entering the industry

No previous PMU experience

What you get

Starter kit for your first 10 clients

'Bossing The Business Bit' workbook included in your training materials 

(£200 value)

6 months ongoing support from Zara


A Taste Of  Your Modules

Pain releif and anaestheitc 

Brow mapping

Colour Theory

Pre-care & Aftercare

Anatomy & Physiology

Sanitisation and hygiene 

Pigments & Acceptance

Pattern breakdown

Golden ratio

Infection Prevention Control

Skin types

Legisation, insurance & governance


Needles & machines


Enrol onto our ATPMU paired course


Access the industry by passing your theory course


Sit your practical day in your chosen technqiue


START YOUR  CAREER and continue to build your portfolio and treatment menu

Steps in Becoming A PMU Artist

Perks for our students
ONLY at The White House Clinic Academy

We teach you the skills to become a skilled and confident PMU Artist, but the business owner part - typically thats for you to figure out on your own...

Well - not anymore!

All begginers at The White House Clinic Academy will benefit from our 'Boss the business bit' social media & marketing workbook thrown in to your course!

Taking the leap and setting up on your own can be daunthing, so we are offering something new and fresh for our students to make sure you land on soft ground after you take the leap to switch up your career! 

Never set up a biusiness before? Don't worry about that, this workbook contains everything from business plans to website & design.

A peek into whats covered:

  • Business Plan

  • Finances & Funding

  • Insurance

  • Brand & Identity

  • Website & Online growth

  • Social Media 

  • Scaling & Growth​



In the UK alone, the brow market value is an estimated £20 million annually.

We will let you do the maths - it is a no brainer. Not only will you make back your investment in the market very quickly but you will also benefit considerably from this demand. 

potential earnings as a pmu artist

*Please Note: These figures are based on an average. Income not guaranteed. The figures provided are inclusive of VAT and indicate takings only, not profit. **Based on a 4 week month. ***Based on 48 working weeks.

Why Train with Us?

The White House Clinic Training Academy is led, designed and trained personally by one of the UK's most admired and award-winning artists, Zara Rouse. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best - they say. 

Join our training academy and take advantage of our top industry know-how from an academy like no other. Our courses are some of the most invaluable,in-depth, comprehensive and highly-skilled courses avaiable in the market. Not only do we use our experience of the semi-permanent industry but also detailed insight from years of experience in the hairloss industry - Zara understands hair growth and loss at a clinical level. 

Marble Surface

For more of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course or our other courses, try our Courses FAQ's page.


What Our Students Say...

"110% I would recommend Zara over and over, to come and train with. She has taken so much time and dedication to help me along my brow training journey. I suffered from self doubt but this lady has given me wings. Thank-you Zara and Leah. We love you." 

Rebecca S

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