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Terms & Conditions


1. Throughout these Terms & Conditions “We”, “Us” and “Our” are all references to the provider of the Services; namely trading as the white house clinic.

2. Throughout these Terms & Conditions “You” or “Your” are references to the client contracting with us under these Terms & Conditions.


1. “ Additional work’ means you may have to have an additional application to the skin please understand SPMU and microblading is a process with healing variables and final colour cannot be guaranteed, (A fee will be required to cover the costs of tools and equipment used for the additional work- £70, only valid within 3 months of the procedure date.)  

2. “Consent Form” means the prescribed written form recording the informed consent to Treatment required by us and given by You before any Treatment commences.

3.“Booking Fee” means the non-refundable booking fee of £150 payable before any Treatment commences.

4.“Follow Up Treatment” means the treatment which follows and is complimentary to the Initial Treatment and which is free of charge on the strict condition that it is booked at the time of Your Initial Treatment and is then undertaken within 56 days of Your Initial Treatment. (8 weeks)

5. “Initial Consultation” means the 30-minute consultation with our Director Zara, which is a cost of £75 due to time taken out of working schedule. Where our Services are initially discussed with a view to You deciding if You would like to have any Treatment. Please note this a separate service from any future procedures booked and will therefore not be deducted from any procedure fees.

6.“Permanent Make Up” means both the process and result of permanent implantation of coloured pigmentation into skin for cosmetic purposes.

7. “Price” means the current Price (inclusive of VAT) of any Treatment as advertised on the website on the date when you book an appointment for Treatment and pay the Booking Fee.

8.“Risks” means the risks inherent within the business of providing the services including (but not to the exclusion of any others) the risk of allergic reaction to a treatment; the risks of minor bruising, swelling, flaking, tenderness, dryness and corneal abrasion following treatment and the risk that the colour of the Permanent Make Up after treatment will not precisely match the pigmentation colour chosen by You before treatment.

9. “Technician” means the fully trained technician contracted to us who conducts the initial consultation and/or the treatment and/or the follow Up treatment.

10. “Treatment” means the initial treatment and first application of Permanent Make Up following the initial consultation.

11. “Unsuitable Medical Condition” is any medical condition which makes any treatment or follow Up treatment unsuitable for You whether or not such medical condition is expressly set out in the consent Form.

12. “Website” means

3. Booking & Treatment Procedures

13. If You decide following Your Initial consultation to utilise any of the services You agree to make a booking for both the treatment and the follow up treatment (not more than 56 days thereafter) and pay the Booking Fee.

14. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindicated from all permanent makeup treatment. In the event that you arrive for a full appointment before declaring either pregnancy or breastfeeding, the treatment is 100% payable.

15. In the event that you become pregnant between your first permanent makeup treatment and your free of charge follow up appointment, the treatment is terminated and the free of charge appointment is lost. You accept that you are not entitled to any refund either in full or part. We agree to recommence the treatment at full cost with a 20% discount applied after your period of confinement. You agree to take this treatment within 24 months of the first treatment. The 20% discount is from the full price at the time of the recommenced treatment.

16. We accept that You may need to change Your booking dates arranged under clause 13 so on reasonable notice (being not less than 7 days from the date of your treatment and/or follow up treatment) We will allow You, without charge, to re-book Your appointments but strictly conditional upon:

17. Our rights (at our sole discretion) to refuse more than one re-booking request from you under the provisions of this clause.

18. You accept that any late booking cancellations for Your treatment and/or follow up treatment create a financial loss for us, so accordingly You agree:

19. To lose your £150 booking fee if You cancel a booking for a treatment within 7 days of the booked date for the treatment;

20. Whilst We will use our best endeavours to run our daily appointments on time, you accept that the precise booking times may slip and you excuse and release us from any liability for such slippage within any particular working day.

21. Whilst we will use our best endeavours to ensure that bookings for treatment or follow up Treatment are not cancelled, you acknowledge that this is sometimes unavoidable and You agree:

22. To release us from any liability for any cancellation by us which is notified to You more than 2 days before any date booked for treatment or follow up treatment; unless illness occurs 

23. Subject only to the earlier provisions of this clause, we agree to carry out the treatment and the follow up treatment upon full payment by you of the Price.

24. You agree that we are under no obligation whatsoever to accept requests from you in the future for any further treatment (and that we do not need to explain the reasons for any such refusal). You also agree that we are under no obligation whatsoever to accept requests for Permanent Make Up Which we (in our sole discretion) consider to be inappropriate.

25. You agree that we are not liable for any of your travel costs to or from our clinic on any occasion at whatever time.

26. All PMU treatments are mapped out based on your facial anatomy and this is a process that you and your technician will do together. No tattooing will begin until both parties are happy and satisfied and you have consented to go ahead with the treatment within the map agreed upon. Please be aware that once work is completed it is harder to alter.

27.“Additional work” is classed as any additional application to the skin on the treated area after your first or top up session as we are adding to previous work. SMPU and microblading is a process with healing variables and final colour cannot be guaranteed. Additional work is not classed as corrective work and it will be chargeable (A FEE WILL BE REQUIRED TO COVER THE COST OF TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT USED FOR ADDITIONAL WORK - £70)

Payment Terms

28. You agree to pay the price in full on the day of your booking date for the treatment. Your non-refundable booking fee is deducted of £150

29. We will accept a payment of the Price for the services via bank transfer for your £150 non-refundable booking fee only. Cash and/or debit card we accept, we do not accept credit cards or cheques. 

30. If payment of the price is not made in accordance with the earlier provisions of this clause then We reserve the right to cancel the booking for Your treatment without penalty and to retain the booking fee.

31. If you are any more than 15 minutes late for any appointment we will not be able to carry out the procedure due to time constraints.

32. Clients need to contact us within twelve months  of holding non-refundable booking fees for laser treatments elsewhere due to previous work, failing to contact us within the twelve months will result in loss of non-refundable booking fee.

33. The consultation fee will not be deducted from any future procedure costs, this includes maintenance or top-up fees. This is a separate service and therefore a separate fee based on time and service dedicated to this apointment.


34. You accept and agree: that the given consent form needs to be fully read and understood and signed and dated.

35. That our technicians/nurse are not qualified to give You any medical advice;

36. That our technicians/nurse are entitled to rely without further enquiry on the consent to treatment given by you in the consent form;

37. That as an adult (over 18 years old) the decision to have treatment has been made by you and you alone;

38. That you will accept the result of your treatment and/or follow up treatment without any legal recourse to us on the understanding that you will pre-approve both the shape and colouring of the Permanent Make Up at the beginning of your treatment;

39. That you will read and follow the recommendations made within the Guidance Sheets in aftercare.

40. That certain factors beyond our control (including Your own specific skin characteristics) create Risks which you understand and for which you take full and sole responsibility;

41. That there are everyday risks of post-treatment infection (in and around the area of treatment) which are beyond our control and for which you take full and sole responsibility;

42. That you have decided (with appropriate advice from your General Practitioner to the extent appropriate) that You do not suffer from an unsuitable medical condition.

43. That in very rare cases, the pigment will not hold at all due to skin type. You agree that although we will endeavour to work with best practise, we cannot be held responsible for low or no pigment uptake.

44. That some skins may not retain the ‘crispness’ of the pigmented hair stroke and others (although rare) may not retain the hair stroke at all as it can blur over time.


45. If you breach and publish (or cause to be published) any defamatory statements about Us or any of our technicians to any third parties (whether through the use of social media or otherwise) then We reserve the right to claim damages against You in defamation proceedings before the court for such sum as We are advised to claim by our legal advisors.

46. If We breach these Terms & Conditions then our maximum liability to you will be the price (or any part of it) paid by You for the Services and it shall not extend further to any other consequential losses whatsoever which you have (or claim to have) suffered as a result of our breach.


47. We agree to keep your personal data strictly in accordance with the Provisions of the Data Protection Act 1980.

48. Unless or until you notify us in writing, you agree that We make use of your contact details for the purpose of marketing our services to You.

49. You agree to keep any dispute or complaints which arise between us strictly confidential between ourselves and our respective legal advisors and any mediator appointed.

50. As a running commercial property it is advised that we run CCTV operations to protect our premises, clients and staff. Please be informed that we operate CCTV outside the clinic and in all treatment rooms, this is signposted. You acknowledge this and are comfortable to proceed with the knowledge that We have these measures in place.

Dispute Resolution

51. If You have any cause to complain about us or any of our Technicians/nurse and your complaint in any way relates to our provision of the services then you agree in the first instance:

52. To put your complaint in writing to us

53. Not to publish (or cause the publication of) your complaint any more widely whether orally to third persons, in writing to third persons or to the world at large through the use of the internet.

54. We will investigate your complaint and give our considered response to it within 21 days of your complaint being received.

55. If you accept any settlement outcome offered by us in our written response to your complaint, then that settlement outcome will be implemented in full and final settlement and the terms of settlement shall remain private and confidential between the parties (or any legal advisors if applicable)

Edition Date: August 2020

I accept these Terms & Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the parties

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