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What We Do

The White House Clinic brings you Harley Street standards to Leamington Spa. A one stop ‘shop’ for all your brow and lip aesthetic requirements, including all the newest semi-permanent makeup techniques from microblading and hyper-realism (Digital Hair Stroke) through to airbrushing powder, and microshading through to fluffy, feathered effect brows. We also offer fillers, as well as the latest technology in SPMU, Lip Blush

Our treatments are perfect for all ages, whether you are looking to restore or replace missing brows or lip pigmentation, or completely change the appearance of your existing brows or lips.

With our extensive cosmetic knowledge and in-depth medical hair loss experience, we understand hair patterns at a clinical level and can help you restore or enhance your brows to a perfect natural look.  

We believe that in the field of semi-permanent makeup, just like in plastic surgery, any kind of intervention must be as natural as possible. It is this experience combined with our artistic talents that has enabled us to advise clients on the correct and most realistic procedures, as well as what has earned us our reputation as leaders in the industry.


When we tattoo, we are not just looking at brow hair or lip pigmentation loss, it is far more than that. It is looking at the right shape for you. Brows and lips should be customised and made individually for you. We study all your features, bone structure, colouring and complexion. We are all made uniquely. We seek to create balance, symmetry and perfection, whilst also accounting for your likes, your preferences and even your personality. It is a beauty science.

This is where experience in our opinion plays such a crucial role. Zara and her team have developed a meticulous eye that can instantly identify what needs tweaking, correcting or reconstructing. It is more than simply tattoo ink applied to the face or pretty lines in trending shapes, it is having in-depth experience, as well as natural creative flair and a perceptive eye.

The White House Clinic has an exceptional reputation for not only the micropigmentation looks we deliver, but also our methods and means of delivery. We only use high quality materials and equipment because that is the minimum standard we will accept delivering to our clients.

Being a semi-permanent makeup artist is about beauty, care and sincerity. We have a responsibility to our clients and honesty is a foundation for what we do. All decisions we make are always aimed at and around the client, this is our level of professionalism.

There may be procedures that are not suitable for you, based on factors such as pigmentation, scar tissue, pregnancy and so on. We will never work on any part of your body where there is a risk to your well-being. Thus, the reason our consultations are essential and why we believe honesty is part of our code, one that sets us apart.


How it started


Our Signature V Brow came to me simply when drawing and allowing my creative soul to come to the surface. 

When I was drawing and creating this technique, its all based on interlinking lots of V's together creating a flow of natural hair fall and pattern (clusters). 


When you look at untouched or even children's brows all I see is lots and lots of V's. My daughter's and mother's names start with a V so it simply had to be 'V Brow' with respect to them! Not only that, emulating this pattern helps to achieve the most natural brow yet - that's why it's our trademark brow!​

How it's going

After the development of V Brow, everything seemed to fall into place, that's why we've streamlined all of our services to be all about V. Inspired by the same natural process that brought us V Brow, we now offer V Liner, V Blush and our brow techniques have been updated to V Shade and V Combination to fit in this theme. It's the same White House Clinic standard and quality you've always had, but services and results that you can't get anywhere else. It's V STYLE


We are so excited to keep levelling up and, believe us - our dreams are big! Thank you to all of our wonderful clients that continue to support us along this journey and we hope you love the world of V STYLE as much as we do.

Zara Rouse x

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