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natural fluffy brow enhancement

V Brow

The newest brow technology to hit the SPMU shores is Digital Machine Hair Stroke Brows, also known as Realism or Hyper-Realism. This super realistic 3D effect technique gives the most natural appearance of hair strokes. It follows a natural eyebrow hair stroke pattern in terms of hair direction, movement and growth patterns.

hyper realistic hairstroke brows

Instead of individual hair strokes tattooed independently like in many other techniques, this innovative technique uses combined, fine and overlapping strokes that replicate natural eyebrow hair behaviour and appearance, giving off an incredibly realistic eyebrow look. Like with natural eyebrows, this semi-permanent brow technique portrays more intensity in the middle of the eyebrow and more delicate and isolated hair strokes at the start, and end of the brow. The Digital Hair Stroke technqiue is used to follow your natural pattern to create an illusion of hair flow into your existing hair growth pattern.

Perfectly 'Untamed'

       How is it Different?

Popular choices for this brow are either natural but groomed or unravelled, virgin brows.  These can also be tattooed to be more dramatic like makeup or subtler and natural in appearance. Digital Hair Stroke brows are generally more ‘untamed’ and less defined than other techniques giving off a fuller, and fluffier appearance.

The Procedure & The Benefits

Hair strokes are created with an acupuncture needle where pigment is deposited superficially into the top (dermal) layers of the skin, creating a hair like stroke that resembles realistic eyebrow hair.


Acupuncture needles are used to create less trauma to the skin, less bruising and bleeding, better healing results and no risk of scarring.

This technique can be used time and time again as it’s extremely gentle to all skin types, and can be used on all skin types – including oily skin. Fast becoming an industry favourite this technique also tends to retain pigment better and last longer. However, it is also slightly more uncomfortable and can take longer than microblading.

What To Expect

All eyebrows will appear darker on initial completion, however once healed will soften and lighten to its desired colour. The fading during the healing phase will be about 15 - 40 % depending on the skin type.

Pre & Aftercare 


before and after hair stroke brow natural effects

Before & After's

A closer look...

Fine, crisp digital strokes close up work
microblading strokes close up detailed work
what our clients say


“Absolutely amazing!! Zara is so knowledgeable and skilled, and very honest! I'm in love with my eyebrows, they look so natural. I don't have enough words to describe her talent!! thanks Zara.”

— Raquel Garcia Haro 

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