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The White House Clinic brings you award-winning semi-permanent makeup artistry for lips, eyes and brows in LEAMINGTON SPA. Additionally, our revolutionary training Academy offers students the chance to learn or grow their existing skills with Zara's expert knowledge as a much sought-after artist and trainer. 

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Microblading can create an ultra-soft and natural look throughout the existing brow. You can build up the hair strokes to create a fuller and denser effect. 

Microblading is suitable for a normal/ dry skin type with medium/fine hair. the amount of hair can vary from full to none.

All PMU treatments are conducted in two sessions 4-6 weeks apart. 


Accentuate Your Existing Beauty

We all feel under pressure to look our best and the expectation of perfection in beauty seems to have increased ten-fold in recent years. In today’s ever growing digital landscape, we are bombarded more than ever with airbrushed and filtered representations of beauty that is on a whole new level of flawlessness.

The White House Clinic offers you the opportunity to better yourself, according to your standards and our expertise. We not only restore but enhance your appearance and that has the added benefit of boosting your confidence immensely too.

We see semi-permanent makeup as a vehicle for accentuating your existing beauty by working with and highlighting your natural features. We believe all women (and men) are beautiful, it is our job to identify their best features and artistically, and methodically illuminate them.

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PMU Training course


Payment plans & instalments available for all courses

Microblading is done using a handheld tool, which creates natural fine hair strokes into the top layers of the skin. We call the technique a blade however, it is the shape of a blade with little tiny pins that move when gliding across the skin. This creates a really fine crisp hairstroke, which looks realistic.




Payment plans & instalments available for all courses


The V Blade'n'Shade technique is a blend of microblading and digital shading to create a natural and soft brow using a digital machine & hand-held tool. We aim to train your artistic eye to judge hair flow and pattern to create a tailor-made brow for each client. More importantly, this brow is versatile, making it a great place to start as a beginner. Microblading is the most sought-after PMU technique out there, but not every client is suitable for microblading hair strokes alone. We have created a microshading course for beginners to give you the best foot forward and not have to turn away clients that are not suitable for a specific technique.


The White House Clinic Training Academy is led, designed and trained by one of the UK's most admired and award-winning semi-permanent makeup artists, Zara Rouse.

Freestyle your Vstyle

All permanent makeup is an art form, once you know the basics we want you to be your own artist and find your own flare, we will teach you all you need to know on theory and practical tips providing pattern breakdowns and techniques but we want you to flourish as an artist and find your own flare to bring to the industry! put your own spin on your style from day 1 by learning to freestyle our V Style. Don't be afraid of using different needles and techniques and combining them all together.


There is no room for copy and paste in this industry, we are working on the face and no two people have the same facial structure, anatomy, hair flow or hair pattern. Because of this, you won't tattoo the same way on any client. this can be something newly certified artists struggle to come to terms with and by default they place the specific pattern/technique they have practised over and over on latex straight onto their client's skin.


Everything with art should feel natural, whether you're painting, drawing or tattooing. If it feels natural your results will look natural. It's time to train your eye to know where needs the freestyle to create balance in your work and put your own spin on your style.


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