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Important Message from us to you

While we understand that we work in an industry that performs ‘enhancements’ and cosmetic changes, this is a reminder to everyone that it all starts with how we look at ourselves.

We are ALL beautiful, but we all know that if you look too long, too close or in the wrong way at ourselves we can see things differently. In this video you can see how the lip changes based on how you look at it through a magnifying glass. This has been used to symbolise how we often inspect ourselves and typically, the longer we analyse we’ll find something to pick fault with!

We at the clinic always say that kindness is the best compliment anyone can give us. Let’s all remember to be kind to ourselves just as much as we are to others.

Send this to a friend who needs to be kinder to themselves or remind someone today how beautiful they are, just the way they are.

Do what makes you feel good, not just because something is ‘wrong’!

Also remember, our algorithms online, more often than not, show us what we engage with! Make sure you are engaging in positivity and things that make you feel good, educate you or help you!

Our physical and mental health should take priority over appearance always. BUT, making changes to your appearance just like we do with our hair, nails and clothes is perfectly acceptable, whatever is within your limits. Always research heavily before committing to anything and be comfortable going into new areas. If you are considering PMU our phone line is open for a chat or to answer any of your questions.

We only feel comfortable taking on clients that are aligned with the clinic’s ethos of natural enhancements, not a ‘permanent makeup-over’!  


Sending love,


The White House Clinic xx

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