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V Brow
Master Class

Master Class for those already working as a Semi-Permanent Artist

As an already trained and qualitied artist within the SPMU industry, we can improve/build on your skills to bring them in line with The White House Clinic practice standards; or you can enrol on another course (style of brow or lip) to build your portfolio within semi-permanent makeup. This will broaden your knowledge of the industry’s development and enable you to offer a more varied service to your clients.

What is V Brow

V Brow (Digital Effects) is a semi-permanent technique using a digital device, which is a power-supplied hand piece. It's our trademark brow and it's certainly a crowd pleaser. This effect can create natural fine hair strokes with an acupuncture needle and can also equally create a digital airbrush effect. These two  techniques can be used and blended together to create a hyper-realistic look.


The Digital Hair Strokes technique is achieved using a semi-permanent device with a very fine single vibrating needle that deposits pigment slightly deeper into the dermal layer of the skin. Therefore, this technique also lasts longer; approximately 2-4 years.

hairstroke brow close up front strokes

V Brow Master Course Details


One Full day in the academy dedicated to the Digital Hair Strokes technqiue including theory, practical breakdown work, live model & latex demonstration, student latex practice (under supervision), student live model practice (under supervision)

TRAINING Takeaways:

Breakdown Protocol of pattern printed document for referral

The White House Clinic certification

The White House Clinic gift bag


£1,200 + VAT 

50% Deposit required to 

secure your place


Certificate of Attendance 

Certificate of Completion

Training Level


Kit Requirements

All students will be required to bring  their own device & needles. We will advise on needles when the course is booked.

Steps in Becoming A Master Digital Hair Strokes Artist 




Book your Master Digital Hair Strokes training with The White House Clinic Academy

Attend our 1 Day Theory and Practical Class and receive your certificate


A Taste of What is Covered 

Introduction to Zara & The white House Clinic

Pigment Durability


FAQS Group Discussion


Student Latex Practice (Supervised)

Pattern Breakdown 


Tools & Equipment


Live Demo on Latex


Student Live Model Practice (Supervised)

Brow Mapping




Live Demo on Model


Course Prerequisites

We will ask to see your previous fundamental qualifications by proof of certification, prior to enrolment.


We will also ask for your social media platforms. This will allow Zara to assess your work and advise accordingly on which course would be most suitable to you; as an already established artist.

Why Train with Us?

The White House Clinic Training Academy is led, designed and trained personally by one of the UK's most admired and award-winning artists, Zara Rouse. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best - they say. 

Join our training academy and take advantage of our top industry know-how from an academy like no other. Our courses are some of the most invaluable,in-depth, comprehensive and highly-skilled courses avaiable in the market. Not only do we use our experience of the semi-permanent industry but also detailed insight from years of experience in the hairloss industry - Zara understands hair growth and loss at a clinical level. 

What Our Students Say...

"I have recently qualified in microblading after training with Zara at The White House Clinic. I spent some time researching who to train with and kept hearing great things about Zara and her work! The best decision I have made! Zara was so welcoming and professional! I left feeling super confident with so much knowledge and ready to start my new journey! I would highly recommend training here" 

Sam N

Marble Surface

For more of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course or our other courses, try our Courses FAQ's page.


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