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Beginners Courses

Beginners fundamental courses are designed for someone new entering the industry with no previous training and who is not certified. Start your journey down a new career path today and book onto one of our courses!

Lip Blush Effects Beginners Course

Our innovative Lip Blush Beginners course is designed to give students in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge our White House Clinic specially-designed technique to achieve a soft-and natural look, or a more intense colour resembling lipstick.

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Microshading Beginners Course

Microshading is a combination of two different semi-permanent techniques combined together. One being Microblading hair strokes, done with a handheld tool to create natural fine hair strokes. The other is a digital device that creates an airbrish technqiue. We combine these two techniques together to get a 3D effect for the brow to look hyper realistic, natural and to blend without appearing noticably tattooed.

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V Brow (Digital effects) Beginners Course

V Brow (Digital Effects) is a semi-permanent technique using a digital device, which is a power-supplied hand piece. It's our trademark brow and it's certainly a crowd pleaser. This effect can create natural fine hair strokes with an acupuncture needle and can also equally create a digital airbrush effect. These two techniques can be used and blended together to create a hyper-realistic look.

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