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Beginners Course

Our unique Microshading course is designed to give students in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge combining two of our White House Clinic Training Academy techniques to achieve a hyper-realistic and 3D brow.

What is Microshading?

Microshading is a combination of two different semi-permanent techniques combined together. One being Microblading hair strokes, done with a handheld tool to create natural fine hair strokes. The other is a digital device that creates an airbrish technqiue. We combine these two techniques together to get a 3D effect for the brow to look hyper realistic, natural and to blend without appearing noticably tattooed.

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Microshading Course Details


40 Hours home pre-study
3 Full days of theory & practical breakdown work in the academy

3 Months home latex practice - with support & feedback from Zara
1 Academy assessment day on live model for certification


£4,500 + VAT 

50% Deposit required to secure

your place

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Certificate of Attendance 

Certificate of Completion

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Training Level


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Beauty Kit

Kit for up to 10 clients 

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Steps in Becoming A Microshading Artist






Book your Microshading training with The White House Clinic Academy

Complete your 30-40 hours home study

Attend our 3 Day Theory and Practical Classes (Incl. Assessment)


A Taste of What is Covered 

Anatomy & Physiology

Brow Anatomy

The  FItzpatrick Scale 

Legislation & Governance

Santisation & Hygiene

Colour Theory 

Pattern Breakdown

The  Golden Ratio

Workspace & Set Up

Blood-Borne Pathogens

Health & Safety


Skin Types 




In the UK alone, the brow market value is an estimated £20 million annually.

We will let you do the maths - it is a no brainer. Not only will you make back your investment in the market very quickly but you will also benefit considerably from this demand. 

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*Please Note: These figures are based on an average. Income not guaranteed. The figures provided are inclusive of VAT and indicate takings only, not profit. **Based on a 4 week month. ***Based on 48 working weeks.


Why Train with Us?

The White House Clinic Training Academy is led, designed and trained personally by one of the UK's most admired and award-winning artists, Zara Rouse. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best - they say. 

Join our training academy and take advantage of our top industry know-how from an academy like no other. Our courses are some of the most invaluable,in-depth, comprehensive and highly-skilled courses avaiable in the market. Not only do we use our experience of the semi-permanent industry but also detailed insight from years of experience in the hairloss industry - Zara understands hair growth and loss at a clinical level. 

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For more of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course or our other courses, try our Courses FAQ's page.


What Our Students Say...

"110% I would recommend Zara over and over, to come and train with. She has taken so much time and dedication to help me along my brow training journey. I suffered from self doubt but this lady has given me wings. Thank-you Zara and Leah. We love you." 

Rebecca S