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Botulinum Toxin

What is BOTULINUM TOXIN? Commonly refered to as 'Botox' (which is in actual fact a product brand name), Botulinum Toxin (B-Tox as we call it at The White House Clinic) is used to create a fresher and more youthful appearance. It is a neuro toxin that is used to treat lines and wrinkles on the face, which are caused by facial movements such as smiling, frowning or ageing.

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What Does A B-Tox Treatment Involve?

There is an initial detailed consultation where the desired affects you are trying to achieve will be discussed and we will advise you accordingly. A very small quantity of Botulinum Toxin is injected directly into the muscles that cause lines. This procedure is done using a fine needle that relaxes the muscle and the skin in the affected area, smoothing it out.  Hereby, a very natural effect is achieved and doesn’t leave the face expressionless.


B-Tox is more a preventative than restorative treatment. After treatment, the muscle is not able to move as much, therefore preventing new lines and wrinkles from forming, as well as improving the appearance of existing wrinkles. 

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How Soon Will You See Results?

This Results are typically visible10-14 days after treatment and can last between 3-4 months. Over time it is not uncommon for results to last longer with regular treatments.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Clients have reported very little pain or discomfort associated with B-Tox due to the size of the micro needle. Sometimes the administration of B-Tox can feel like pressure, stinging or a burning sensation.


How Long is the Procedure?

Duration of the procedure is within 30 minutes.

common treatment areas 

- Forehead (Frown lines)

- Vertically or horizontally in between the eyes (Glabellar)

- Crows feet (Lines around the eyes)

advanced technqiue

- Bunny lines (Transverse Nasal)

- Mouth lines (smoker’s lines)

- Chin ‘dents’ (Mentalis Dysfunction)

- Brow lift

- Hyperhidrosis (excessive armpit sweating)

- Masseter Muscles to reduce teeth grinding and to slim the lower face.

How Safe is B-Tox?

B-Tox injections are an extremely safe treatment, when conducted by a skilled medical professional and qualified aesthetic nurse.

A full medical assessment and consent form will be taken prior to the treatment. Botox is a licenced product worldwide, has had extensive safety profiling and many research papers conducted on the product. It is a prescription only medicine.


What Are the Side Effects?

Injecting B-Tox is a safe procedure if performed by a qualified medical practitioner. Most of the side effects tend to be caused by the needle entry into the skin, however these are very minor and short-lived. If present, side effects usually consist of the following:


- Minimal pain or discomfort

- Mild swelling or redness to the injection sites

- Bruising and bleeding is rare, but possible



Do not participate in strenuous activities/ exercise for 24 hours after treatment.


Do not touch, rub or massage the treated Botox area for 12 hours after treatment.


Keep your head level, do not lie down or bend forward for 6 hours after treatment.


Do not take ibuprofen (or any other blood thinning medication) which could cause increase bruising at the injection sites.

Who Should Not Have B-Tox

- Pregnant or breastfeeding women

- Certain Neuromuscular Disorders

- It is not recommended for anyone under18 or over 65 years of age