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At the clinic we always have, and always will, promote and provide a natural brow. Your brows should frame your face to enhance your features, not look tattooed. We always say the first thing you should see on the face is the eyes, not the brows!


As the industry evolves, clients are moving away from the more saturated, heavier brow look and towards a softer natural brow.


As the industry evolves in this way so does the tools and equipment, particularly the pigments! We stock a wide range of the best pigments on the market, but our favourites are the ones that fade down in 12 months.


Now… you might be asking us why?


As previously stated, the industry is evolving, and this evolves alongside preferences, styles and trend changes. You may have wanted a high arched thin brow in the 90’s, however most of us now regret this…


Similarly, you may have loved the thicker/fuller brow trend in 2016, but for those that had this tattooed, now have extremely saturated brows with extremely limited room for change.


Unfortunately, once so much pigment is layered into the skin, laser removal is your only way to pull this pigment back and start again. This is why we prefer to use a pigment that lasts extremely well, but only for the specific timeframe. This way, each time you come back to us for maintenance, we can either repeat the process OR we can change the technique. The point is, its your call. You shouldn’t be bound to one look, style or technique! This will give a result that fades down into little to no pigment left in the skin(around 5-20%), rather than a fade of 40-50% where the skin has held onto the strongest pigments, often the COOL tones.


This is what we mean when we talk about room for movement, it allows us as the artist, to stop saying no when you want to mix up your technique. It also allows you as the client, versatility in your brows.


As you may know, when mapping out your brows to determine your brow shape, we follow your bone structure and natural anatomy. This is unique to everyone. Doing this allows us to provide you a brow shape that won’t just suit you tomorrow, but in 10 years’ time. As we age and grow our skin changes. It drops, sags, and thins. Our bones however, never move! Following this as a guide will ensure long-term flattering results for you.


So yes, we will always follow your bone structure as well as your natural hair flow and pattern when mapping out your brow shape, so your thickness, height and length of the brow will roughly remain the same. But the technique applied within this map is down to you on each visit!


We have seen a high increase in clients wanting to change their look but with brows that are extremely saturated. When taking on new clients we will always manage expectations from the get-go. Once you are a client of ours however, we want to consistently say yes to change should you desire it.


The science of Pigmentology


As an artist we work with and stock a wide range of the top industry pigments, these are, organic, inorganic or hybrid pigments.


From a scientific perspective, organic pigments have smaller particles and reflect more light than inorganic pigments, which tend to have larger particles. A hybrid, as the name suggests, is a mix between the two pigments.


One of the main differences between these two formulations is how they react over time once the client’s treatment is fully healed.


Over time, organic pigments will have better retention and pigment will fade slower, but they can be prone to cooling down.

Inorganic pigments tend to fade and soften much quicker within the skin and so will require more regular touch ups to maintain the results. They’re less permanent compared to organic pigments, which is what allows that room for movement!



We will always offer the best professional advice in terms of colour, technique, and your journey. We want to eradicate this advice being ‘we advise you go to a laser clinic’ or, ‘unfortunately we won’t be able to provide this technique today because…’.


Allow yourself room for movement and allow us to say yes! This will always be explained to clients and the choice ultimately is yours, but our advice is - go inorganic and allow for versatility.







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