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Advanced 2 Day Machine Airbrush Powder Course

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Course Info

Included in your Course Beauty Box

  • Essential Beginners Knowledge Workbook

  • 10 x aprons

  • latex gloves

  • 1 x calliper

  • 1 x eyebrows razors

  • 2 x eyebrows pencil

  • 10 x face masks

  • 10 x hazardous waste bags

  • 10 x hair nets

  • 10 x lancets

  • 5 x latex skin

  • 1 x pack of pigments

  • Access rto patch test instruction form

  • 10 x pigment rings and cups

  • 6 x round plasters

  • 1 x tube of numbing cream

  • 1 x sharps box

  • 5 x vitamin A & D oil for after care

  • Consultation forms

  • A link will be provided to buy a good priced machine and needles (a machine and needles will be provided on the course for you to try)


Day 1

Opening session

Morning coffee with greeting

Introduce the Academy

Course introduction and layout


 An Introduction to Machine Airbrush Powder Brows

 Introduction and History of Machine Airbrush Powder Brows

 What you need to know before you start

Anatomy and Physiology

The Skin

 Functions of the Skin

Structure of the Skin

Skin Types

Airbursh Powder Machine and Skin

 The Fitzpatrick Scale

 Colour Theory

Colour Wheel

Colour Density

Colour Star


Pigment Acceptance

Skin Undertones and Overtones


Easily Spread Conditions

When the treatment can proceed but may have an altered outcome

When Machine Airbrush Powder Cannot be Performed

Sanitization and Hygiene

Infection Control

Health and Safety Training

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Blood-Borne Viruses

Following Relevant Regulations

Ensure your Treatment Area is a Safe Place to Work

Time to Set-Up Your Equipment and Keep to Your Sterile Working Zone

Maintain the Sterile Zone During Treatments

Clean and Disinfect Your Treatment Area

Dispose of Your Clinical Waste

Understanding Pain

Forms of Topical Anaesthetics


Pain Management without Topical Anaesthetics




Get to Know the Equipment and Product

Suggested List


Needles and Machine

Machine handling


The Face

Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio ɪ

Face Shapes



Your Workspace





The Client

The Consultation

The Consent Form

Preparing the client

Apply the Micropigmentation

Aftercare Advice

Handle Disappointing Results

The Healing Process

              Week 6 and 12 Month Eyebrow Re-Definition


Closing Session Day 1  

Questions and answers

Day 2

Opening Session

Morning coffee

Review our itinerary for today


Machine Airbrush Powder techniques

Shading Types and Effects and possibilities

Powder Effect

Measure and position eyebrows using callipers

Needle grouping and choice of needle

Needle depth

The White House clinic technique

(Step by step)

Machine hand piece movements

Speed on your device


A practical demonstration by one of our experts

Closing Session Day 2

Questions & Answers

A reminder of all topics covered 

Thank you and safe journey home

The Cost of the course will be £2,000+ VAT (£500)