Shading Brows

shading brows will give you a heavier, defined looking brow. This is for ladies who want a strong brow or wear a lot of brow make up, this is brow is also great to cover up poor work. Once healed it leaves a powder effect, this procedure will always fade down to 30-40%. You can create a brow with strokes at the front and shading throughout the rest of the brow or you can create a brow with shading throughout the whole brow to leave the same density throughout this tends to be for ladies who have old school tattooing on their brows and needs a heavier cover up.


my client loves a strong ,sharp looking brows.i placed in hair strokes at the front of eyebrow to keep it softer by the eyes.then I shaded heavy on the rest of the brow to achieve a perfect sharp looking finish, this is stunning on the right client.