MICROBLADING and shading ( combination brow)


Micro Blading and Shading is amazing! This treatment is becoming more and more popular as many clients have patch loss and this is the perfect solution for this.

It is a treatment that is perfect for almost every skin type , age and skin colour

Microblading is hair strokes and shading is essentially adding a soft powder effect. When you combine the two together it creates a stunning looking eye brow . It is ideal for creating slightly heavier definition , the type that is normally created from drawing on the brow everyday, however the beauty of this treatment is that it still avoids the tattooed block look that can often be unnatural .

The Microblading hair strokes normally sit at the front and top of the brow for a soft and natural effect while the shading goes in at the base or the base to mid brow . This covers the areas that have been over plucked and left with patch loss creating the stronger definition.

Shading is a very versatile procedure and can be applied anywhere on the brow to achieve your required look. Its also great for covering scars.

Microblading and Shading together can also create the Ombre ( lighter to darker) effect for example natural and lighter at the front and then stronger / darker at the base and tail of the eyebrow.

All eyebrows will appear darker on initial completion , however once healed will soften and lighten to its desired colour. The fading during the healing phase will be about 30 - 40 %

The procedure takes around 2 hours depending on the condition of your eyebrows . As it is a semi permanent procedure the pigment will remain in your skin for around 2 - 4 years depending on your skin type , however we do recommend an annual colour boost.

We will always explain and identify everything carefully when doing the pre drawings and will advise what will be the most suitable