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What we offer


As females we all feel under pressure to look our best, with our knowledge and working experience we can help you restore your brows back allowing them to look from super natural brows as we understand hair pattern to fuller more dense brows.

We have brought Harley street to Leamington spa. The treatments we offer are all superb for all ages who are wishing to change the appearance of their eyebrows or replace missing ones due to various reasons  

  • Lengthen or thicken over plucked brows

  • Replace brows due to alopecia/ other medical conditions

  • Change shape of your brows

  • Add colour and improve definition

  • Find it hard to create the perfect brow

  • No more need to worry about replacing the perfect brow

  • Stay on brows- wake up and go brows



Consultation- £30- call to book in for a consultation with our technician 



Eyebrows £495 (£150 non refundable deposit is required)

9-month top up £200

Microblading brow 12 month top up £300

Additional top up session £70

Microblading and shading Ombre

Eyebrows £495 (£150 non refundable deposit required)

9-month top up £200

12-month top up £300

Additional session £70

Microblading and shading (blade and shade)

Eyebrows £495 (£150 non refundable deposit required)

9- month top up £200

12 -month top up £300

Additional session £70



We do take a £150 non-refundable deposit

Please refer to out terms and conditions